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I got my first Boxer in 1989 strictly as a pet and for company.I actually knew very little about Boxers, but it didn't take long before the breed became very dear to my heart. I've had the pleasure of sharing my life with several Boxers, for over 25 years.

My initial interest was training and competing with my first Boxer "Oggie" in obedience. He was an amazing dog in and outside the ring, with a very gentle temperament. He was Canada's #1 Obedience Boxer in both 1992 and 1995. He also ranked in the Top 5 Working Dogs both years!

I then became interested in trying out the "other side" of competition in the dog show scene.....conformation! I purchased my first show dog Chynna"from Sharon Simpson of "Zephyr Boxers". She was a real change from much energy and very independent! She gained her first 8 pts towards her Canadian Championship quickly, but an unintentional breeding between Oggie and Chynna occurred, which ended her show career. My concentration then shifted back to obedience with Chynna and what a star she was!!! She was an outstanding "heeling" dog and when she wanted to, she easily gained "High In Trials". She earned "Canada's #1 Boxer,#2 Working Dog in Obedience in 1992.

Having felt robbed of my conformation dog, I started looking for another show dog. My good friend Josie O'Reilly and I flew to our first "American Boxer Club" National Specialty in 1995 and fell in love with "Rosend's Uptown Girl". That lead us to the litter Ron and Sharon Berry of "Berlane Boxers" was having, that was sired by the famous "MBIS MBISS Ch Bridgewood's B.K Kahuna Am SOM AM LOM. I was fortunate to co-own their pick male from that litter....enter Sabre" into my life! He had an amazing show career and was Canada's #1 from 1998-2000. He was also Canada's #4 ALL Breed in 1999 and Canada's #1 Obedience Boxer in 2002. He also won "Reserve Winner's Dog" at the American National Specialty....owner-handled by myself! ussabre.jpg Between his show record and his value as a producer, Sabre has earned his name in Boxer History!

Rick Deschambault entered my life in 2003. Sabre adored Rick from the first day they met, so I knew that he must be a great guy, as Boxers are a wonderful judge of character! Our wedding was celebrated on August 14,2004 and Sabre secretly was dressed up to suprise us as our "best man". My Boxers have worked their way into Rick's heart, as much as they have mine. Rick really enjoys their unique and comical personalities and is always lending a hand in caring for them. rickdogs

I purchased my foundation bitch from Sharon Berry and Sandra Resch, when they bred Sabre to his niece "Aimie". Like her sire Sabre, "Sabrina" was a incredible producer! Three of her kids earned top honors at the "American National Boxer Specialties" in the past. "Justice" was "Reserve Winner's Dog" in 1998, "Select Dog" in 2012. "Macy" was "Winner's Bitch" aned "Best of Winners" in 2009. "Sherman" was a "Top 20 Contender", "Award of Merit" at Westminister and "ABC" and "America's #2 Boxer" in 2009.

I have lost all of my Show Boxers to the number one killer of our breed....cancer!! Although many have left this earth, I still hold each one of them close to my heart and cherish every single memory I have of them. I am not actively breeding Boxers anymore and currently only have Sherman's litter brother "Simon" and "Justice" at home now. They are both Veterans now and pray we have more years with both of them.


Many of my closest friends, I have met through my Boxers. These friendships have lasted for years and I will be forever grateful for each and every true friend that my Boxers have brought into my life!

I guess I never realized how my life would change when I became involved with our wonderful friend....the Boxer. Both Rick and I can't imagine our life without a Boxer in it.

I am a member of the following clubs:
Alberta Boxer Club-since 1990, Canadian Kennel Club-since 1992, Boxer Club Of Canada-since 1993, American Boxer Club-since 2003, Calgary Associated Dog Fanciers-since 2007

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