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Due to the limited amount of frozen semen I have on Sabre, I will only consider using it when I have the room and I'm ready to keep a puppy out of a breeding that I'm particularily interested in.

Sharon Berry of Berlane Boxers also has semen on Sabre and may consider selling her semen if the bitches are exceptional and have the proper health clearances:

We require that all bitches bred to Sabre must have a "echo" done by a "Board certified Cardiologist" to clear them of "SAS", a current holter within 1 year of the breeding and have their hips cleared either via "OFA" of "Pennhip".

The frozen semen MUST be surgically implanted by a reproduction specialist that has had lots of experience and success with frozen semen. Frozen is so dependent on technique and timing, so for the success of your litter, this is what we feel is best.

For any other questions regarding possible breedings, please e-mail me.

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