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Nov 18/90 - May 24/01

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chynnahd6.jpg - 17005 Bytes When considering my second Boxer, I knew this time I wanted a 'show quality' bitch with much more exuberance than Oggie. When I talked to Sharon Simpson ("Zephyr Boxers") on the phone and told her what I was looking for, she told me "Boy, do I have a girl for you". A week later, "Chynna" (Zephyr's China Doll C.D.X) entered our household and what energy she had!

"Chynna" is a "Bogey" (Am.Can. Ch. Golden Haze Tuxedo) daughter and a "Texas" (Am.Can. Ch. Bellcrest Just Watch Me) granddaughter. ("Bellcrest Boxers Perm Reg'd")

Chynna was shown in conformation until she was 10 months old. She achieved her 8 points very quickly, but Oggie accidentally bred her when she was two points away from her championship. I ended up spaying her, as Oggie was not breeding stock, so my focus was once again back to obedience.

chinaprofile1.jpg Chynna was a beautiful flashy fawn bitch with a VERY dominant and confident temperament. I think she must have been a terrier in her first life, as her tail never went down and she was ready to "take on" any other bitch that dares to stare at her. She once got through a hole in a fence, while on a walk, and took after a train biting at the wheels thinking she was going to "take this beast down"....that's how tough she really thinks she is.

chinaheeling1.jpg This willful temperament was quite a change from Oggie's soft personality and it turned out to be quite a hurdle when it came to our training. However, when Chynna "felt' like performing, she was awesome! To this day, people still remember how pretty she was to watch heel……head up, strutting and she had a leaping "finish" to die for. When she was hot, she was spectacular, but when she was in one of her moods….oh boy, was I in for it.

Even with her "willful" disposition, Chynna earned #1 Obedience Boxer and #2 Working Dog in Canada in 1993. Chynna's "C.D" was earned three trials in a row with a "High in Trial"at Edmonton Kennel Club, a "High in Aggregate" at Working/Herding Association of Alberta, and both a "High in Trial" and "High in Aggregate" at the Red Deer Kennel Club. Her "C.D.X" was no different. Her first three scores were 196, 198 (High in Trial), and 194. She excelled in her heeling and really was a beautiful dog to watch.

chinabar1.jpg It was so funny to watch the change in expression of obedience judges when we competed. We'd walk in the ring and they'd look at Chynna as if to say "A Boxer...this should be a joke" and then she'd start heeling and their whole opinion of her would change. I can't tell you how many times judges would stop me as we were leaving the ring and say "I have NEVER seen a such a beautiful working Boxer". She certainly helped the reputation of the Boxer as an obedience dog.

chynnavet.jpg At home she was the most affectionate one of my dogs, so I guess that's why it was so easy for me to forget all those antics she's pulled on me in the past. I just could never figure out how a dog can be so sweet at home, yet so devious in the ring.

Chynna earned two legs in her "Utility", but she was retired from the ring when her leg started bothering her. Eventhough technically she never earned her final leg in her "OTCH", there is no doubt in my mind she was capable of it. (If her sore leg would only do what her sharp and determined mind would ask it to.


Chynna was the "matriarch" of our house and kept Oggie and Sabre in line, as well as all the other neighborhood dogs that "dare" to come within a block of our house.

Oct 7/00 -Chynna wins "Best Veteran" at the "Working/Herding Specialty".

April 21/01 -Chynna wins "Best Veteran in Sweeps" at the "Alberta Boxer Club Specialty" at 10 1/2 years old.

At age 10 1/2 (only a month after her Veteran win at our Specitly), Chynna started to deterioate quite suddenly and had lost 15 lbs. She tried so hard , but one night she was very distressed and she told me in her eyes that she could no longer fight. Her mind was still bright, but her thin, weak body just couldn't keep up. She was no longer the proud and fiesty girl I had known and loved, so I helped Chynna to her journey across to "Rainbow Bridge" after what we think was pancreatic cancer. She was too proud of a Boxer to not let her leave this world with the same willful spirit she was known so well for.

Not a day goes by that I don't look up at her picture on my wall and feel the pain of her loss. Her ashes sit up above on my windowsill, so it feels like she is home, watching over us again. She will never be forgotten by us or anyone who ever met her.

My memorial to her: had a wild spririt that I could never tame, you were as smart as they come, did things on your own terms, kept the boys in line and everything you did, whether right or wrong, you did with such intensity. There will never be another girl like you, but I feel so lucky to have had the privileg of sharing over 10 wonderful years with a girl as special and unique as you.
We miss you "Sweetpea".

Love Oggie, Sabre and Mom.


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