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April 25/89 - April 3/02


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youngoggie.jpg Our first Boxer "Oggie" ("Kemsey's Kascius Klay C.D.X") was bought strictly as a pet and companion for me. Oggie's temperament is so endearing. He's so gentle, well behaved, and quiet. All he wants, is to be fed and have a soft place to lie. He's the easiest dog to live with and never gets into any trouble. I decided to take some "household" obedience classes with Oggie. We both had so much fun, that I decided to try some competitive obedience classes. I decided to go watch my instructor compete at the local dog show and that was itI was hooked! I knew that competing with my Boxer in obedience was a hobby I'd like to pursue. The breeders I got Oggie from had told me "not to waste my time doing obedience with a Boxer". Well, since I'm competitive and a "bit" of a perfectionist , this was just something I couldn't accept. I knew that Oggie and I had a lot of work ahead of us to prove that Boxers are intelligent and can do well in obedience.

oggie4.jpg - 17367 Bytes Oggie achieved #1 Obedience Boxer, #4 Working Dog in Canada in 1992 and #1 Obedience Boxer, #6 Working Dog in 1995.
He earned his "C.D" in three straight trials with scores of 187, 192.5 and 192.5.His first three "C.D.X" scores were 190, 195.5, and 191.
During the next two years, he was campaigned for "Top Obedience Boxer". He had scores ranging from 189-198.5 with numerous High in class and one High in Trial. He was a steady working dog and turned out to be pretty successful, considering Boxers "are not any good in obedience".

Oggie completed his "Utility" title just before turning 10 years old. Now that he has his Canadian OTCH, he is retired from the obedience ring, except for the occassional appearance in the "Vetrans" class.

October 2000- Oggie competes at the Working/Herding Specialty and wins "Highest Scoring Veteran"! He earned a score of 202, out of a possible 200 points. (5 "old age" bonus points were added to his score of "197").

October 2001- Oggie repeats his "Highest Scoring Veteran" win at the Working/Herding Specialty with a score of 199 1/2. (7 "old age" bonus points were added to his score of "192 1/2").

Three weeks shy of his 13th birthday, I helped Oggie cross over to Rainbow Bridge. He had suddenly became very sick and I could see in his eyes, he had no fight left in him. His rear legs were failing on him and he was having great difficulty walking as well. I still can't believe I was blessed with almost thirteen years of Oggie's companionship and love. Gentle and trusting are the words that best described this wonderful Boxer. He touched so many lives and I know I am not the only one that will miss his sweet grey face staring at you with his big old soft eyes. He is with Chynna now and I know she will take great care of him, but Sabre and I will be lost without him.
Goodbye my gentle soul.

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