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Multi BIS & Multi BISS
Am Can Ch Berlane's Causin An Uproar CDX A/C SOM A/C LOM


October 12, 1996 - December 20/04
Sadly Sabre was lost to Lymphosarcoma at 8 yrs of age.
Full Autopsy was done and confirmed a healthy heart.
Sabre's Tribute

Breeders/Co-Owners: Ron and Sharon Berry Berlane Boxers
Owner/Handler: Karen Deschambault (formerly Oxtoby)

Sabre 2 1/2 yrs
Photo by Janine

Sabre 4 yrs
Photo by Crystal Tricker

( Am Ch Bridgewood's B.K Kahuna SOM,LOM X Berlane's Just Causin Kaos Cd. DOM LOM)

View Sabre's Pedigree

Canada's #4 All breed in 1999
Canada's #1 Boxer 1998-2000
American Boxer Club's RWD in 1998
25 Best in Shows
13 Specialty Shows
Canada's #1 Obedience Boxer in 2000.

Sire of:
1 Legion Of Merit
35 American, 64 Canadian, 3 Phillipine & 2 Thailand Champions
10 Canadian Producers of Merit & 8 American Producers Of Merit
3 Philippine Champions, 2 Thailand Champions and 1 Mexican Champion

Health Testing:
SAS Clear via color doppler- by Board Certified Cardiologist Dr. Braz-Ruivo
Age 2- 1.5 Aortic 1.4 Pulmonic
Age 5- 1.7 Aortic 1.4 Pulmonic
Age 3- "0" VPC's
Age 5- "14" single VPC's
Age 6- "2" single VPC's
Age 7- "2" single VPC's
Age 8- "5" single VPC's
(tape read by Board Certified Cardiologist Dr. Kate Meurs)
OFA Hips BX-1819G24M-T "GOOD"
Eye Cerf. Normal
DM Carrier (determined through litters tested)
ARVC Negative most likely, but not definitive
(14 puppies tested out of 11 different dams: 13 negative, 1 hetero (this dam was hetero)

I have only a few breedings left on Sabre. I may consider selling a vile if the bitch is proven and she has traits that I feel compliment Sabre's. I also would prefer the bitch to be genetically plain.

Sabre is a LEGION of MERIT in BOTH the U.S and Canada!!!!

Sabre 1 mo shy of 8 yrs
Photo by Cathy Wells

Sabre 2 mos shy of 8 yrs
Photo by K.C O'Brien

Sabre in "Down Stay" at 7 1/2 yrs old at Canadian National Specialty.
Both Photos by KC OBrien

Sabre and I ready to start the heeling exercise"!

Sabre and I had a connection, that very few are fortunate enough to share with their dogs. His desire to please, his hunger of attention and the spotlight, all gave him that endless zest for the showring. Sabre was truly that "once in a lifetime" dog and had the whole package!

Sabre was a beautifully structured Boxer and had the most outstanding sweet temperament you could ask for! He was best known for his ground covering movement, beautiful Boxer head and his undeniable showmanship. He excelled in both the conformation and obedience rings!

The rapor I had with Sabre, developed early on and to this day and very few can think of one of us, without the other. We were a team and so many people would tell me "he would have never shown that way for anyone but you" and I know deep in my heart, they were right. He loved his "Mom" and the memories we made together, will forever remain some of the best of my life.

Not a day goes by that I don't think about Sabre and miss him. Although I know I'll never own such an amazing Boxer ever again....I feel so blessed, that I was the one who got to share my life with Sabre. He had so much love for everyone he met and through him, my life was changed forever.

When I lost Sabre, a huge part of me died along with him. His death has been the hardest thing in my life that I have had to overcome and 7 years later I still can hardly speak about him without crying. I truly don't know who loved the other more. I just pray that when my time on earth is done, we will be re-united in heaven, where I can hold him in my arms again. I truly believe that a love this strong, never dies and we will see each other again one day.

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Sabre is featured on page 127 of in Richard Beauchamp's book "Solving the Mystery of Breed Type" where Sabre is described as "showing the ideal silhouette".

Sabre is also included in Judy Horton's "Worldwide Boxer" website as a wonderful example for "Body type" and on "Picking A Puppy".


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