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In Loving Memory of:
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Sabre's Tribute Video came to live with me at 8 weeks old and oh how you changed my life! We knew you were special, but we had no idea the magnitude your life would impact the Boxer breed, touch people's lives or inspire the inseparable bond you and I shared. People who have never had the honor of meeting you in person, will know and remember you by your show record and your role as a sire. We are SO proud of all of your accomplishments, but the fortunate ones are the people whose lives crossed your path.

From a very young age, you had a very regal presence that people were drawn to. You had a fan club from the get go and when you would walk into a building, you were treated like a little movie star. There were people, I had never met, that knew your name and just couldn't resist giving you love or handing over their treats to you. You never forgot a person that fed you and even if they were on the other side of the building, you would drag me over to them and then persistently root your nose into their pockets, then would bark and leap two feet in the air until they would give in. Of course you lapped up every minute of the attention you got and I truly believe you thought that dog shows were organized solely for you.

Before showing, you would stand on your grooming table, reaching with your paw, trying to lure passers by to come over and pet you. Once they had been "reeled in", you would put your paws on their shoulders and lick and hug them as long as they would let you. Your desire for human contact was endless.

You LOVED the showring, as that was our special time together and you KNEW the spotlight was on you. From 8 months old, you were competing against the adults in the Group and Best in Show ring and no matter how many times you were asked to show, you just couldn't wait to get in the ring and turn on your charm. When you would look at me in the ring, with that sparkle in your eye, as if to say "I love being here with you Mom" and the incredible feeling of holding onto your leash, as you floated around the ring so effortlessly, are moments I will never forget.

The lymph cancer took you down so fast and you were just too proud of a boy to let you have one more day of suffering.I know I did the right thing, but my heart won't listen to what my brain is telling it. I can't imagine that the pain and emptiness I feel in my heart will ever go away. You helped me through a very dark time in my life and I felt so guilty that I didn't have a miracle that would have saved your life too.

You were my "once in a lifetime dog" and our journey together was full of so many exciting and memorable moments, but that journey has come to an end. You put your whole heart and soul into everything we did together and only asked for only my love in return. The bond we share is unbreakable and even though your body is gone, I know your love and spirit will be with me forever!

"I could have missed the pain, but I would have missed the dance" - Garth Brooks

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