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"Sabre" has won 25 All breed "Best in Shows"
10 "Best in Specialties"
3 "Working Herding Specialties"
70 Group firsts, 170 BOB, 137 Group Placements

As A Veteran:
"Award Of Merit" at the Canadian National Specialty (Apr/04)
"Award of Merit" at the Western Boxer Club Specialty (Apr/04)
"BOS" at the "Oregon Boxer Club Specialty" (July/04).
"Best in Specialty" at the Alberta Boxer Club Specialty(Aug/04).
"Award of Merit" at the Western Boxer Club Specialty(Aug/04)
"Best Veteran In Specialty" at the Working Herding Assoc. of Alberta (Oct/04)

As a Puppy he has won 11 "Best Puppy in Shows"
20 "Best Puppy in Groups"

His Greatest Show Accomplishments:

"Reserve Winners Dog"
1998's American Boxer Club's National Specialty
Judge Cheryl Robbins

"Stud Dog Placement"
2001 American National Specialty
Judge Larry Sinclair

Canada's #4 ALL BREED 1999

Canada's #1 Boxer 1998, 1999, 2000

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sabreme.jpg Sabre started "Causin An Uproar" at his very first show when he had just turned 6 months old. It was at the "Alberta Boxer Club Specialty", under respected breeder judge Jack Ireland, where he won "Best of Winners" and "Best Puppy". On that day, Sabre's career was launched into "warp" speed and we haven't looked back since.

I've done all the training and handling of Sabre in Canada and at the American Nationals, so being an owner-handler team, I can't tell you how proud we are that all of Sabre's wins have been "honest" ones. When he wins, it's on his own merit and not because of who is on the end of the lead.

Sabre and I have been blessed with so many exciting and memorable moments, that it's hard to sum up all that he has accomplished.


Sabre completed his Canadian Championship in two weekends and on the first day in an American ring, he was awarded 1998 ABC's "Reserve Winner's dog" under breeder-judge Cheryl Robbins. Quite a thrill for the "unknown" owner-handler team from Canada!!!

Sabre went on to finish his American Championship in only 7 days of showing! He finished with a 3 point major at the "Spokane Boxer Specialty"(Handled by Lynda Yon) and two back to back 5 point majors at the "Oregon Boxer Specialty" and "Greater Clark County" held at the very competitive "Brush Prairie" shows. (Handled by Kimberlie Steele)


In addition to Sabre being 1998 ABC's "Reserve Winner's Dog", some of our other most memorable wins were our 1999 Lowermainland "Best in Show" (Canada's largest indoor show) and our outstanding weekend in 2000, at the Alberta Kennel Club (Canada's largest outdoor show), when Sabre won two "Best in Shows" and two "Best in Specialties". The BIS's were under breeder-judge Richard Beauchamp (pictured below) & Harry O'Donoghue and and the 2 "BISS" were under breeder judges David Strachan and Lawrence Sinclair. These noteable wins meant so much as Sabre and I achieved all of them as an owner-handler team

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