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Sabre's Champion Kids

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Am/Can Ch Ensign's Causin Applause

Whelped: July 8/05

Breeder: Annette Clark of Ensign Boxers
Owners: Breeder/Terri Dunning of Alpine Boxers

Sire: Am Can Ch Berlane's Causin An Uproar A/C SOM LOMC CDX (Sabre)

Dam:Am Ch Denbar's Dolce Vita (Brooklyn)

Statton 6 months

"Statton" got the best of both of his parents for sure! He's a good sized boy with elegance, has a beautiful short back, with a great topline and tailset and a very nice Boxer head to go along with this wonderful package!
He resides in the most wonderful home in Alaska with Terri Dunning.

Dec 1/06: Statton's finishes his Canadian Championship, taking BOW under Thora Brown.

October 29/06: Statton finishes his American Championship owner handled by Terri Dunning! (16 months old)

August/06: Statton wins "Grand Sweeps" at the "Spokane Boxer Club" under Nancy Schepis. (handled by Terri Galle)

5 pt win with BOW at the CANADIAN NATIONAL BOXER SPECIALTY,under breeder judge Tim Hutchings and RWD at the "Alberta Boxer Club Specialty". (handled by Karen Deschambault)

Jan 22/06: Pictured above is Statton during his very first weekend out at the Portland shows. He won RWD (to a 4 pt major) from the jr. puppy class, under judge Mr. George E. Marquis and Stattonm, beautifully handled by Kimerlie Steele.

Feb/06:In Anchorage he won two RWD with both being five point majors, owner-handled by Terri and the judges were Mrs. Edeltraud Laurin and Mr.John M Rowton.

Annette, Terri and I have VERY high hopes for this wonderful puppy!

March/06:Statton was WD, for a 3 pt major, at the Scottsdale Dog Fanciers Assoc on Mar 4 judge: Annella Cooper then on Mar 5 he went BW, for a 4 pt. major, at the Superstition Kennel Club under George Marquis. Both are majors from the 6-9 mos class.

Statton and Kimberlie at the 2006 ABC, where he made the cut in the huge 9-12 class, under Monika Pinsker. photo by Tony Pierson.
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